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Non-toxic, Natural and Environmentally Friendly - these are three important goals we generally look toward for agriculture and agricultural products as more and more fruits and vegetables appear in the market. Although traditional agricultural chemical pesticides used are fast and effective, the environment impact on soil and water from the residue pollution, as well as farmer and consumer of security issues has everyone worried.

The non-use of chemical pesticides in agriculture for proper pest control is a great intellectual search with many companies are involved in research and development. There is a combined effort by industry, academia and the strength of farmers to develop new methods for the security of our environment by finding non-toxic alternatives and give farmers the ability to fight pests and diseases naturally.

In this article, we look at the development of biological control materials in industry, and introduce insect pheromones and microbial agents:

What are Pheromones?

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(Figure left: Pheromones lure Figure right: Box and the actual use of the trap)


Pheromones refer to substances that are secreted by an organism's body, and are perceived by the other individuals of the same species. The latter individual exhibits a certain behavioral, emotional, psychological or physiological response or reaction to the substance's stimulus. Pheromones have a communicative function between individuals. Almost all animals have been shown to have the secrete pheromones. In 1959, a study showed that female silkworm moths secreted pheromones. This was the first scientific community confirmation of the presence of pheromones. It was later shown that these substances generally have a strong biological activity with specificity and long persistenc that can change the behavior of insects. They also provide a non-toxic pest control measure that is mutually compatibile with other methods. Under the direction of experts the induced effect of pheromones can be developed to solve pest problems.


What is a Microbial Preparation?

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(Bacillus amyloliquefaciens BF inhibits fungi)


08 15 17 pheromone biopesticide 5(Bacillus amyloliquefaciens BF inhibits bacteria)


Microorganism that are isolated from nature, or is artificially mutagenized, selected or genetically modified and used to control crop pests and weeds. Some microorganisms induce crop resistance, or products whose active ingredients are derived by a formulation. Sources can include fungi, bacteria, viruses and so on.
Traditional agricultural practices often lead to excessive use of chemical pesticides. There is a great impact on the environment such as: pollution of water sources, destruction of natural ecology, soil nutrient disorders, weed and pest and drug resistance, pesticide residues, and the number of beneficial insects gradually decrease along with the bad. Therefore, the use of non-toxic insect pheromones or microbial agents to replace chemical pesticides has gradually received more and more attention.


The Advantages of Insect Pheromones

Non-Toxic: No problem with pesticide residues and exposure to crops;

Specificity: different pheromones act on different species of pests, so collateral damage to other populations;

No drug resistance: the secretions are from the target insect pest; there is no gained immunity or resistant;

No Time Usage Restrictions: unlimited time use at any time during the crop cycle, before, after planting or after harvest;

Suitable for a Variety of Cultivation Patterns: compatible with organic cultivation, non-toxic cultivation, custom farming methods.


Advantages of Microbial Agents

Selectivity: only effects target pests and diseases with no effect on people, animals which is biological safer

Safety: preserves and compatible with natural ecosystem, safe for ecological environment, non-polluting

No residual doubt: no restrictions on use or cessation before harvesting;

Suitable for a Variety of Cultivation Patterns: compatible with organic cultivation, non-toxic cultivation, custom farming methods.


The above is the basic introduction to pheromones and microbial agents, the relevant information and pictures provided by the Asia-China Industrial / Yabing Health,

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